My work examines the social challenges, tests, trials, and tribulations that constitute a “normal” day. I explore what and why it is to be excluded or included, comfortable or awkward, in or out. Inspiration is drawn from personal experience and observations of my own mind and body. Sometimes humorous, other times somber or even pathetic; my work always aims to engage and entertain.
I take a step back from my own skin and reassemble a scenario as if I were never there. These recreations are simplified, like real-life cartoons, outlined and filled in with bold hues of imagery. The wide-eyed “everyman” is placed into the scene, externally projecting through movement, gesture, and metaphor, what was once an internalized struggle.
Normal everyday rituals such as the morning commute, doing paperwork, or waiting in line provide points of departure for otherwise obscure scenes. It’s this obscurity along with the naive approach of the antagonist to these situations that often lends a humorous tone to my work.
These explorations take form in, or hybrids of, sculpture, installation, performance, and video. Ladders, stacks of paper, and Polo shirts are among the materials I use to create context in the bare canvas of the gallery. Simple imagery is incorporated layer by layer to create complex, but decipherable, narratives. Objects I construct for these pieces either stand alone as sculptural works or serve as working props and then remain in place as a record of the event.
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